MCLE Spectacular 2022

The 2022 Annual MCLE Spectacular – Building Our Future, was held November 18, 2022 – in person at the Walnut Creek Marriott.

For information on earning MCLE credit the programs from the 28th annual MCLE Spectacular please visit our Self Study page.

Friday, November 18, 2022

8:30 am Breakfast Kickoff Keynote

Advancements in Technology, Science, and the Law

Hon. Ming W. Chin (Ret.)

The Honorable Ming W. Chin (Ret.) – ADR Services, Inc.
Mediator, arbitrator, referee, and the first Chinese American to serve on the California Supreme Court

1 hour General MCLE creditlogo

Sponsored by: ADR Services, Inc.


Justice Chin’s presentation will include his perspective on the following topics:

  • How technological advancements will affect how courts operate, including electronic filing systems.
  • The possible continued use of remote oral argument appearances.
  • The Judicial Council’s Tactical Plan for Technology in 2022.
  • The growing use of AI in legal practice and its impact on law school curriculum.
  • DNA technology and its use as scientific and identity evidence in our trial and appellate courts.
  • CRISPR gene editing and the legal questions it raises in civil and criminal cases.
  • Brain imaging and fingerprinting.
  • The legal implications of allowing genetic evidence in the courtroom.

10:00  – 11:30 am – Concurrent Morning Sessions

1 hour General and 0.5 hour Legal Ethics MCLE credit


CCCBA Appellate Section

Sponsored by:

logo, Hanson Bridgett


Judge Teri L. JacksonRosanna W. Gan, attorneyGary Watt, attorney
Justice Teri L. Jackson, Presiding Justice, First District Court of Appeal, Div. 5Rosanna W. Gan,
Senior Counsel, Hanson Bridgett
Gary A. Watt, Partner and Appellate Practice Co-Chair, Hanson Bridgett

Join 1st District Court of Appeal Presiding Justice Teri L. Jackson and appellate practice leaders Gary Watt and Rosanna W. Gan, for a deep dive into an array of recent appellate decisions on evidence, anti-SLAPP motions, summary judgment, arbitration, and more. The discussion will focus on the takeaways from these opinions and will explore potential gray areas leaving openings for creative litigation tactics.

1 hour Elimination of Bias and 0.5 hour General MCLE credit



The CCCBA Employment, Women and Criminal Sections


Beth ParkerJames BrosnahanGrover Margaret
Beth Parker Parker Law & Mediation and Planned ParenthoodJames BrosnahanMorrison and FoersterMargaret Grover Grover Workplace Solutions

This presentation will discuss employer policies agreeing to pay for transportation and medical expenses for women who need to travel to obtain medical care for abortion. The issues for employers are both practical and legal. What evidence does the employer obtain about the medical procedure (if any)? What expenses are covered? What amount of time off is provided and/or whether FMLA or other protected time off is appropriate? Does the employer need to craft the policy to pay for travel for any type of medical procedure not available in the employee’s home state (is that needed to avoid a discriminatory policy…)?

Texas and other states have laws prohibiting anyone from aiding and abetting any abortion that violates state laws. The laws cover both insurance carriers and employers. Sidley & Austin, an international firm, has been threatened with felony criminal prosecution and disbarment of its attorneys based upon its policy to cover travel costs and abortions. 

1 hour Legal Ethics and 0.5 hour General MCLE credit


The CCCBA Elder Law Section


schofieldAttorney Lara HeislerDr. Melinda Ginne, licensed psychologistin touch on demand
Kathryn Scofield, Schofield Law GroupLara Heisler Heisler Rosenfeld, LLPDr. Melinda GinneOliver Greenwood, Law Offices of Oliver Greenwood

Representing incapacitated clients became more complicated after January 1, 2022, when AB 1194 went into effect. Broad changes to conservatorship law, the California Business and Professions Code, and the California Probate Code were implemented to empower conservatees and to increase scrutiny of private fiduciaries. How do these changes this affect your role as an advocate?

Session speakers will examine the impact of these changes on conservatorship practice, exploring many ethical questions that have come up for Court Appointed Counsel and Guardian ad Litems, and discussing practical applications of the new laws through hypotheticals.

The CCCBA Intellectual Property and Business Law Sections

1.5 hours General MCLE credit



attorney Leopold Lueddemannattorney Ashley Shively
Leopold Lueddemann Law Office of Leopold Lueddemann | Of Counsel Brothers SmithAshley Shively, Holland & Knight

This presentation will provide the most important privacy and security-related trends affecting businesses as well as upcoming changes to look forward to in the future. Practitioners with be provided with the tools to advise clients when data privacy and security issues arise during their regular practice. It will also include legislative updates, including state, federal, and international laws, and policies. 

1.5 hours General MCLE credit


The CCCBA Real Estate Section

Neil D. Kalin

SPEAKER : Neil D. Kalin Assistant General Counsel for the California Association of Realtors

The Assistant General Counsel for the California Association of Realtors will detail the top 10 portions of the California Residential Real Estate Purchase Agreement for lawyers.  Everyone knows and understands the new form is more intuitive with layouts.  But lawyers should know more about the legal impacts of the new form and the foundational law that impacts the verbiage and content of the agreement.  Few can do that like the person who spearheaded the effort to make this form – Neil Kalin

12 noon – 1:30 pm – Luncheon Keynote Session

My Life on the Bench:  What Works, What’s Broken, How to Change It

Hon. LaDoris Cordell, (Ret.)

Judge LaDoris Cordell (Ret.)
Civil Rights Advocate, author, and first female Black judge in a Northern California state court

0.5 hour Legal Ethics and 0.5 hour Elimination of Bias MCLE credit

Sponsored by:  JAMS – 2022 EVENT Benefactor 


Judge Cordell will provide a rare and thought-provoking insider account of our legal system. She will share vivid stories of some of the cases that came through her courtroom while revealing the strengths, flaws, and some of the much-needed changes within our courts. She will also shed some light on the misunderstood principle of judicial independence.

1:30 – 2:00 pm – Book Signing with Judge Cordell (ret.)

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm – Concurrent Afternoon Sessions

1.5 hours General  MCLE credit


The CCCBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Section


mediator Mark LeHockyCommissioner Palvir Shoker class=attorney Nathan Scheg
Mark LeHocky ADR Services, Inc.Commissioner Palvir ShokerNathan Scheg Iron Horse Law Group.
mediator Claudia VieraDr. Stephen H. Sulmeyer
Claudia Viera Viera MediationDr. Stephen H. Sulmeyer, JAMS

This program will provide a look behind the curtain at the ‘rabbits’ that neutrals pull out of their hats to overcome pre-mediation reticence, in-session roadblocks, and ethical dilemmas to achieve resolutions that provide value to participants and lawyers.  ADR practitioners, those practitioners who utilize them, and all with a curious mind will benefit from a look behind the curtain to see how various techniques can turn an impasse into a handshake making the seemingly impossible come to pass. The program will involve a moderated format with Q&A.  Come one, come all and be amazed!

1.5 hours General or Family Law Specialization or Criminal Specialization MCLE credit


The CCCBA Family Law and Criminal Law Sections


Hon. Christopher BowenAriel Brownellattorney Billie-Jean Lee
Hon. Christopher Bowen Contra Costa County Superior CourtAriel Brownell Lee, Law Office of Ariel Brownell LeeBillie-Jean Lee Lee Family Law.

Through the use of a domestic violence hypothetical, we will discuss:

  1. Competing interests and concerns in Family Law and Criminal Law
  2. Anatomy of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Process
  3. Anatomy of a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge
  4. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Criminal Protective Orders
  5. Common evidentiary issues occurring in both areas of law
  6. Child custody issues affecting both areas of law

1.5 hours General or Estate Planning and Probate Specialization MCLE credit



The CCCBA and its Estate Planning & Probate Section


Gus KramerTni JacksonEsther Kim attorney
Gus Kramer, Office of Assessor of Contra Costa CountyTni Jackson, Principal Appraiser Contra Costa CountyEsther Kim, Turner Huguet Adams & Farr

kurniadi realty logo

Sponsored by Kurniadi Realty 
Serving All of the Bay Area!

It’s been over a year since Proposition 19 passed.  Come hear Gus Kramer’s perspective on the implementation challenges of Prop 19 and the impact on the Assessor’s Office.  Tni Jackson, Principal Appraiser of the Standards Division, will cover common problems and issues for P19 claims for intergenerational transfers and tips for drafting successful claims.  Send in your questions in advance to Esther L. Kim at by November 7, 2022. The speakers will address your questions during the live session.  Due to potential time restraints, not all questions may be answered.  Additional topics include:  What happens if Prop 19 is repealed?  What happens to those properties that were reassessed? Now that the housing market has cooled, how will home values be impacted and how will that affect property taxes?  How does a homeowner apply for a reduction in property taxes?

1.5 hours General MCLE credit


The CCCBA Litigation Section 


Hon. Barry Baskin, (Ret,)Adam Carlson, attorneyJaime Herren, attorneyTodd Walburg, attorney
Hon. Barry Baskin (Ret.), JAMSAdam Carlson,
Casper Meadows Schwartz & Cook
Jaime Herren, Holland & KnightTodd Walburg, Bailey Blasser, LLP

The effective use of expert witnesses is an important aspect of effectively advocating for your clients. But questions seem to arise in every case: Should I get an expert? How do I find a good one? When should I get one? Should they prepare a report? How do I use best use them to maximize their impact in the case? How do I best use them at trial? How about adverse experts – how do I depose them or take them on at trial? Judge Baskin and Adam Carlson will walk you through how you answer all of these questions in the best interest or your client and your case.

1.5 hours General MCLE credit


The CCCBA Solo and Small Firm Section 


attorney Terry R. Leoniattorney Luis M. MontesAnina Dalsin, attorney
Terry R. Leoni, Leoni LawLuis Montes,
Law Offices of Luis M. Montes
Anina Dalsin, Dalsin Law

In this program, Solo & Small Firm owners will learn about the pros and cons of maintaining a sole proprietorship, forming a partnership, or incorporating. This will cover critical points to consider in managing business risks. Panelists will also discuss topical labor and employment issues facing solo and small firms, including the (mis)use of independent contractors, legally onboarding new employees, misclassifying employees, and other relevant matters. Knowing the level of legal protection that is available in operating your business is important to shield your assets.

3:45 – 4:45 pm Afternoon Plenary Session

Trauma-Informed Lawyering – An Overview

Natasha Prince

Natasha Prince, attorney at the Tahirih Justice Center

0.5 hour Competence and 0.5 hour Elimination of Bias MCLE credit


Lawyers possess a professional responsibility to do no further harm to their clients, colleagues, and witnesses. Part of zealously representing a client is to ensure that lawyers provide effective representation. This could be more challenging if we do not recognize a client’s needs at the moment; especially when serving survivors of Trauma or Gender Based Violence. This is why it is essential that lawyers understand and are able to identify trauma as it presents in their clients, their colleagues and witnesses. While Trauma-informed lawyering applies to all attorneys in all practice areas Family, Employment, Criminal, Personal Injury Elder, and EPP practitioners, to name a few, anyone can find this vitally important for their practice.

In addition, and just as important, attorneys must recognize the vicarious trauma they may experience which could potentially impact their ability to be an effective advocate.

This presentation will explain the fundamentals of trauma-informed lawyering and provide tools for identifying and addressing a client, witness or colleague who is reliving or experiencing trauma. It will also address how to identify if you, as a practitioner, are suffering from vicarious trauma as well as provide preventative methods to use to reduce the impact of the that trauma. Adopting a trauma-informed practice to lawyering can increase client satisfaction, improve relationships, strengthen mental health and wellness, and help lawyers enjoy a long career.

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