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Get help with small claims court if you:

  • are owed money as an individual ($10,000 or less) OR
  • are owed money as a business ($5,000 or less) OR
  • have been sued in Small Claims Court.*

*California only

It’s Simple, Quick, Effective and Free!*

*Only pay for optional premium services

1. Set up an account

No credit card needed, and you will be able to come back to resume if you don’t finish.

2. Answer simple questions

The answers will help you start organizing your facts and story.

3. Build your formal letter for free, send with tracking for $24.50

Compose a custom demand letter to get your money back, or a settlement letter to resolve your case out of court. Send it with one-click from your device.

4. Learn if court is right for you

Evaluate and decide whether Small Claims Court is the right option for you.

5. File and serve your case

Get completed court forms, filing instructions, and service of process instructions.

6. Complete your Trial Presentation for only $49.50

Put the right information in the right format so the judge can make the right decision for your case.

“Self-represented litigants in small claims courts struggle to find the necessary support to defend their legal rights. That’s why Contra Costa County Bar Association has partnered with JusticeDirect to help self-represented litigants in small claims court defend their legal rights.”

Jody E. Iorns | Executive Director | Contra Costa County Bar Association