Self-Help Resources

  • Legal Guides and Pamphlets
    The State Bar of California offers free, easy-to-read consumer guides on a variety of subjects, including information for seniors and parents of young children and teens. Some titles are available in other languages.
  • Legal Videos
    Watch these short videos to get answers to frequently asked questions on a variety of legal topics, answered by attorney members of the Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS), a nonprofit, public service sponsored by the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA).
  • Legal Services Directory
    Learn about your consumer rights, locate senior citizen services, find family law and domestic violence services … These are just a few of the valuable services available to the community.
  • Legal Guidance Organizations
    Are you handling a court case by yourself? Do you need to do some research? Have you been told you need a legal form? These consumer-friendly websites may provide just the resource you need.
  • Limited Scope Representation
    If you believe you can do much of the work yourself for your court case, but you think you need legal support from an attorney to make sure you are doing it right, then this program is for you.

Community Mediation - Solving Disputes Together

BEFORE YOU GO TO COURT, CONSIDER THE BENEFITS OF MEDIATION! Mediation is more satisfying and less expensive than legal action. Courts dictate solutions while mediation allows parties to take control and shape their own agreement. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential way for people in conflict to talk together to resolve their issues with the help of an impartial third party. 

Mediators are trained to listen carefully and help the participants to express and clarify their thoughts about the dispute and better understand one another. The mediators will not make any decisions for you and do not provide legal advice.

Fees are determined by a sliding scale based on household income.  No one is ever turned away due to inability to pay. Anyone who lives or works in Contra Costa County is eligible to use this service.

Most all types of disputes can be mediated. Examples: Neighbor conflicts over noise, fences, pets, vandalism, or differences in lifestyle. Co-worker grievances. Landlord/tenant/roommate issues. Real estate issues between buyers, sellers, contractors, and realtors. Homeowners' association/member disputes. Family disputes. Elder Mediation: Helps older adults express their concerns and preferences during quality of life decision making.

For more information, please call:  (925) 687-8844 x 301.

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