Conflict resolution

Resolving a conflict through mediation services can be an excellent way to avoid the financial burden, time commitment and stress of taking your issue to court.

The Center for Human Development offers low cost, sliding scale community mediation services.

Although businesses and organizations pay a flat fee that is less than half the cost of using a private mediator with the same expertise, no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

According to the program, parties who take their dispute to Center for Human Development will leave with a resolution in the form of an agreement about 90% of the time.


How does it work?

A request is made to CRP and trained volunteer mediators can contact all the individuals involved, explain the process, and if all parties consent, offer to mediate. Under the service, mediation sessions are scheduled in a secure meeting place. All parties show up with the willingness to share their stories. If an agreement is reached, it is written down and everyone receives a copy. The entire process is confidential.

Some examples of cases handled under the program are:

  • Business/workplace disagreements involving employees, management or contractors
  • Organizational conflicts between groups such as school boards and parent associations
  • Real estate issues between buyers, sellers, contractors and realtors
  • Homeowners’ association/ member disputes