Tenant’s Rights

Unlawful Detainer Summons and Complaint

Have you been served with an “Unlawful Detainer Summons and Complaint?” Then you only have 5 days to respond (including weekends). You may pick up the Answer packet and fee waiver form from the either the courthouse indicated in the document you received or from the law libraries. The Stay and Motion to Set Aside the Judgment packets are also available at those locations.

If you are a low-income tenant who resides in public or subsidized housing and/or are facing discrimination, for help, call:

Bay Area Legal Aid
Legal Advice Line 1-800-551-5554 Toll Free
or Local
Contra Costa County West: (510) 250-5270
Contra Costa County East: (925) 219-3325

Mondays and Thursdays: 9:30 AM to 3 PM
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 9:30 AM to 1 PM

Please note: Due to the high volume of calls they receive, they recommend calling as close to 9:30 AM as possible. If the Legal Advice Line reaches full capacity, callers may be instructed to call back later or the next day. They also encourage callers who are placed on hold to utilize their automated call back system. You will receive a call back from one of BALA attorneys before the end of the business day. Be sure to keep your phone close by and the line open as they can only make one call back attempt.

Tenants After Foreclosure: Your Rights as a Tenant If you are a tenant in a property that was foreclosed, you have special protections. This brochure prepared by Bay Area Legal Aid provides some basic information about your rights.

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