Family Law: Moderate Means Program

If you need to find a lawyer to assist you with a family law problem in Contra Costa County, but you’re struggling to meet your bills, perhaps we can help.

We understand that hiring a lawyer can be very expensive. Regular hourly fees of most lawyers can run anywhere from $250.00 per hour to $450.00 per hour.

If you qualify for our Moderate Means Program, a lawyer’s hourly rates could decrease to an amount that you may be able to afford. Click on “How Much Will You Pay for this Program“ below.


Moderate Means

The name of the program is used to define members of the community who make a “moderate” monthly income.

“Moderate” mean you may make too much money to qualify for pro-bono legal services (free legal services), but not enough money to pay the high cost of hiring a lawyer to help with your family law or immigration matter.


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