1. Is this a Free/Pro Bono service?

No, the attorneys in the program are private attorneys who are offering representation at a greatly discounted rate.

2. If I hire the attorney, do I have to pay the $1,500 upfront?

Yes, you must have $1,500 to start the case. You are responsible for replenishing the retainer based on what the attorney is requesting to continue/complete the case.

3. What is the hourly rate?

The attorneys in the program agree to charge $150 per hour. You must keep all payments up to date in order for the attorney to continue working on your case.

4. Do the attorneys take credit cards?

Most attorneys take credit cards, but you may want to check with the attorney’s office and see what form of payment they accept.

5. Can I pay the attorney on a payment plan?

No, all fees must be kept current, and the attorney has the right to ask for additional upfront monies.

6. What type of experience do these attorneys have?

The attorneys in this program are licensed and insured attorneys who practice family law and have been approved for this program by the Contra Costa County Bar Association after a rigorous application process. The attorneys in the program have diverse backgrounds and experience.

7. What should I do if I decide not to hire the attorney you referred?

Please contact moderatemeans@cccba.org with the reason(s) you are not hiring the attorney. You may request another referral, but please note that a maximum of two attorneys will be referred per issue.