Family Law Alternative Resolution (FLARe)

Our FLARe program can help you to resolve family law matters like divorcing a spouse, custody and child support outside of court through mediation.

Mediation through the FLARe program is a process that uses a qualified attorney to listen to both parties and hopefully resolve your family law dispute. It’s less expensive, less stressful and less time consuming than going to court and you can participate at any time. However, you and the other party must both agree to participate.


Why participate in mediation?

The lawyers in this program are trained in mediation and are practicing Family Law attorneys who voluntarily reduce their hourly fees for the options offered through the FLARe program.

You do not have to make an appearance in court to participate and the options are private and confidential. You can choose to participate in this program at any time during your court proceedings and you can always speak with your existing lawyer during mediation.

The most important thing to remember is that your success depends on the cooperation of yourself and the other party. It’s recommended that you do not participate unless you and the other party really want to come to a positive solution.


What Does It Cost and What Are My Options?

For a complete description of the FLARe program, click here.

You have three options:


Option A

  • A mediation session between you and the other party is conducted for 90 minutes for $150.
  • The goal is for the mediator to dive right in and help you and the other party to hopefully resolve your dispute.


Option B

  • This is an orientation session that helps you and the other party to understand the program. The mediator will explain how the program works during a 30-minute orientation that costs $45.
  • Then, you and the other party can decide if you’d like to hire this mediator for a discussed hourly rate or participate in Option A (above).


Option C

  • This option is similar to Option B except it’s an individual 30-minute orientation that costs $45. You can do this without involving the other participant.
  • Then, you can decide if you’d like to hire this attorney to help you in mediation or to represent you in litigation.


Additional Costs

  • Any time beyond the minutes described above will cost you more. Please negotiate the dollar amount directly with the mediators in this program, no matter which option you choose.
  • Remember that the mediators participating in this program have voluntarily reduced their hourly fees because of their strong commitment to this program and the belief that it’s a valuable public service.