e-filing Basics

Get answers to your questions about e-filing at the Contra Costa County Superior Court here.

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The Superior Court of Contra Costa implemented its e-filing system in 2022. They selected Odyssey Case Manager from Tyler Technologies, a software solution in use by 29 of the 58 courts in the state. While this has proven to be a challenging transition, court staff and attorneys have been been up to the task. Please keep in mind that the process still requires verification by clerks and it can take up to a month for your filings to appear.

If there is an issue with the e-filing system, but not regarding individual envelopes, you may use this link to email the court.

What you can do to help

Family, Civil, and Probate filings: e-filers must state both any upcoming hearing date and the title of the motion in the description of the filing (e.g., “Next HRG 12/1/22 Opposition to Motion”). This enables clerks to quickly determine which filings should be prioritized based on upcoming hearing dates.

Family Law filings: e-filers must submit any cover letters as separate PDFs within the filing envelope, rather than as the first page of a PDF that includes the filing itself. When a cover letter comes as the first page, a clerk must manually correct it so that the file stamp goes on the second page of the document (the actual filing) and so that the cover letter, which is not itself part of the file, is removed.