How the lawyer referral service works

What attorneys need to know before joining the Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS).

CCCBA’s Lawyer Referral Service receives over 9,000 calls each year and connects over 4,000 clients each year with qualified attorneys.  Friendly, highly-trained Lawyer Referral Specialists are ready to prescreen clients during business hours, and our 24-7 online service serves customers anytime.

CCCBA members in good standing may register to join the LRIS and choose to accept online referrals or only those prescreened by our Lawyer Referral Specialists. In either case, you agree to provide the client with a no obligation 30-minute consultation at no charge to them. In return for these potential clients, we ask that you pay a $100 annual fee and share a percentage fee with the LRIS for cases that require services beyond the 30-minute consultation.  Members complete an agreement (click here) and an application (click here) that includes the type of cases you will accept. Some practice areas require specific experience. LRIS Rules (click here)

Once accepted, your name will be added to our database.  When a potential client makes an online request for the type of case that matches your selection, your name and contact information will be displayed and emailed to them.  The client will be instructed to contact you to schedule their 30-minute  consultation within the next 5 business days.  It’s important to check your email regularly, since an email confirmation of this will go to you and to the LRIS.

CCCBA’s 40-year tradition of prescreening potential clients and matching them with LRIS members is still available during business hours. For these callers, a Lawyer Referral Specialist will call your office to set up the appointment and follow up with an email.

Follow up with the attorney will be handled in the same manner as appointments scheduled by an LRIS staff member.

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