Family Law Section

A Family Law Section membership is indispensable for anyone who practices family law in Contra Costa County. The most visible benefits of membership are:

  • Dynamic monthly education seminars and periodic extended seminars led by experienced faculty
  • Early notification of changes in rules
  • Practice requirements in the family law departments
  • Annual State of the Court meeting and other programs with local family law judges. The bench often uses these meetings as an opportunity to make announcements. MCLE and specialization credits are provided for attending.

In Chancery, the Family Law Section’s monthly section newsletter keeps members abreast of section activities, news from the bench, and educational opportunities.

Section members receive exclusive use of the section website at

The Family Law Section maintains ongoing liaisons with the bench, Family Court Services, the Facilitator’s Office, the Department of Child Support Services, the Advisory Council Against Domestic Violence (ACAD), and the various legal aid providers in the county. Through its liaison with the court, the section is actively involved in reviewing court rules and policies and providing input and assistance in the creation of or changes to rules and/or policies. The Family Law Section has a long and respected history of robust, current programming in the form of monthly luncheon CLEs, mentoring/networking group evening presentations with speakers, Custody Issues Committee (CIC) brown bag CLE programs on child custody-related hot topics, and more.

Family Law Section
Board of Directors

Joseph Wolch

Joseph Hart Wolch
Law Offices of Joseph H. Wolch
100 Pringle Avenue Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Billie-Jean Lee, Esq.
Lee Family Law
(925) 265-8600


Derrick Roehn, Esq.
Roehn Law Offices LLP
(925) 464 2202


Ariel Brownell Lee, Esq.
The Law Office of Ariel Brownell
(925) 421-1529

Bench Bar/CCCBA Liaison:

Shannon Kathleen Wolfrum
Law Offices of Shannon Wolfrum
(925) 708-6204

Custody Issues Committee:

Ariel Brownell Lee, Esq.
The Law Office of Ariel Brownell
(925) 421-1529


Minor’s Counsel:

Alice Cheng
Candelaria PC
(925) 233-6222


Vanessa Candelaria – Chair
Candelaria PC
(925) 233-6222


David Lederman, Esq.
Law Office of David M. Lederman
(866) 463-2149

Local Rules:

Greg Abel, Esq.
Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP
(925) 296-6000

Programs & MCLE:

Ariel Brownell Lee, Esq., Co-Chair
The Law Office of Ariel Brownell

Selam Gezahegn, Esq., Co-Chair
Simon Law

Pro-Per Clinic/Double Pro Per calendar:

Selam Gezahegn, Esq.
Simon Law


Alice Cheng, Esq., Chair
Candelaria PC

IC Board Liaison:

Christie Saenz, Esq.
Law Offices of Joe Wolch
(925) 974-0808