Family Law Alternative Resolution Program (FLARe)

The Family Law Division of the Contra Costa County Superior Court is pleased to support a voluntary mediation program designed to be less expensive, less stressful and less time-consuming than traditional litigation. We need attorneys like you to volunteer as mediators.

What Does a FLARe Mediator Do?

This program was designed to help people resolve family law problems without going to court.

Qualified attorneys who sign up to become family law mediators meet with clients referred to them through our Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) program.


You may sign up to offer any, or all, of the three options described below:

Option A Joint Mediation Session: 90-minute session

  • The LRIS collects a $150 fee from the clients. Once the mediation session has taken place, $120 will be mailed to you, as CCCBA subtracts a $30 administrative fee.
  • Both parties are required to participate in an actual mediation session.
  • Any services and fees after the 90-minute session are negotiated directly between you and the clients.

Option B Joint Mediation Orientation: 30-minute session

  • You agree to donate your time for this 30-minute session.
  • Both parties are required to attend. They’re usually undecided about mediation, so you use this time to explain the process.
  • Parties can opt to hire you to mediate their dispute. Any fees thereafter are negotiated directly between you and the clients. Alternatively, parties can opt for Option A, in which case they must contact the LRIS to be referred to another office.

Option C Individual Pre-Mediation 30-minute Consultation

  • You agree to donate your time for this 30-minute session.
  • This option is recommended to the client who is undecided between litigation and mediation as a dispute resolution process.
  • The client can opt to hire you as their consulting attorney to mediation or they can hire you to represent them in litigation.
  • Any fees thereafter are negotiated directly between you and the client.


Do You Qualify as a Family Law Mediator?

The family law mediation panel is made up of attorneys with special training in mediation and a commitment to finding an alternative to litigation.

Each qualified attorney on the panel…

  • Has been licensed to practice law for at least five years
  • Has completed at least 40 hours of MCLE-approved basic training in family law mediation
  • Has had at least 20 hours of MCLE-approved training in family law issues during the last two years, including at least 6 hours of advanced MCLE-approved mediation training each year
  • Is a Certified Specialist in Family Law or devotes at least 50% of their practice to family law
  • Is a member of our CCCBA LRIS program
  • Maintains professional liability insurance in an amount of no less than $100,000 for each occurrence and $300,000 aggregate per year