Waxing Poetic

I was born and was raised
In The Canadian Prairies,

With kilometers of wheat
And countless plots of dairies.

I aspired to live
That great Cali life,

And fortunately, in law school
Met my Californian wife.

In 1993
I embarked naïve,

As a fresh faced, new lawyer
No skills, just belief.

And through all these years
I’ve watched, listened, and learned,

From those far more skilled
As the pages they turned.

Welcomed and invited
To become involved,

In the Family Law Section
As my career did evolve.

The practice of law In
Matrimonial terms,

Became my passion
And the pages they turned.

So involved I was
And remain to this day,

In the Family Law Section
As I guided my way.

To the present I sit
Nearly 30 years hence,

Proud and privileged
As the pages they went.

So, I write to be thankful
To the Section and members,

For its relationships made
I will mostly remember.

I leave with a thought
A note and a flavor,

Get involved and participate
From those principles, don’t waiver.

As lawyers we find ourselves
On the other side of the “vs”,

But as a group we are stronger
For better or worse(s) (?)

So respectfully I ask
As we daily bill time,

That we work hard for clients
But please keep in mind.

We are husbands and wives
And parents and partners,

Let’s respectfully advocate
But together be stronger.


This was originally published in the January 2022 issue of In Chancery newsletter, the official publication of the CCCBA Family Law Section.