Song Lyrics by Marcus Brown

“Suit Guy”

by Marcus T. Brown

I used to be a suit guy
Now I’m just a good old boy
I traded in the Lexus
For a guitar and a beat up Ford
I used to have a fine woman
Who kissed me and straightened my tie
Till she said goodbye
To the suit guy

Now I wear a broken heart
On a rolled up sleeve
Passing the time in my Levi’s
On a weather worn front porch swing
My hair is long my beard is gray
My old friends don’t recognize me
They remember a clean cut fella
Who had it so good they were jealous
(Repeat chorus)

Well I woke up every morning
Showered and shaved I was on the road
By 6:30 lots of lattes
NPR on the radio
I had a view from the high rise
Watched the people running ‘round below
I felt on top of the world
Now I’m nothing without my girl
(Repeat chorus)

And I listen to the wind in the trees
I’m noticing the song the robin sings
She took my pride and my possessions but I still have some things
That can’t be bought and can’t be taken from me
(Repeat chorus)

Now I just sit outside and watch the butterflies

© 2021-2022 by Marcus Brown / Tiny Pieces of Stars Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.


“Great Escape”

by Marcus T. Brown | Listen now

Seven o’clock in the morning like every other day
I’d rather sleep it off than wake and earn my pay
But these three kids of mine rise like the sun
Instead of leading them they’re
Leading me on

Chorus 1:
A great escape
I don’t have to go far to have my heart carried away
I may put food on their table
But I see the best of who I used to be in them
And they give me great strength

My boy can’t pick up a building block to save his life and my little girl can’t help but antagonize
her brother, my oldest just kisses her boyfriend
Yeah my beard is growing gray
But it’s these moments that move me on

Chorus 2:
A great escape
From the pain and heartache
I may put food on their table
But these kids are wise beyond their years
And they give me great strength

Back when I’d pretend I had all the answers
Now when he asks me why a few dozen times
I tell him we’re on

Chorus 3:
A great escape
It’s the mystery that makes
The adventure I may put food on your table
And give you shelter
But you and your sisters are the ones
Who give me great strength

Come on it’s a great escape
Come on son it’s a great escape
We’re on a great escape
We’re on a great escape

© 2021-2022 by Marcus Brown / Tiny Pieces of Stars Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

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Editor’s Note: Marcus Brown, CCCBA member and past Contra Costa Lawyer Co-editor has been recognized for his songwriting talents. The Nashville Songwriters Association International recently named him to its “Ones to Watch” list.