Pilot Programs for CCCBA Membership Drive this Year

“We empower attorneys to build thriving practices and professional networks and connect the community to valuable legal resources and assistance.”

Many of you have seen that statement on our website but you may not recognize it as part of the CCCBA Mission Statement. With that goal in mind, the CCCBA Board of Directors and staff are continually evaluating the programs and opportunities we have for our members. How can we build our community? What can we provide to encourage membership while also ensuring value?

In an effort to answer those questions, we are launching four “Pilot Programs” for 2024.
Paralegal/Legal Assistant Membership: We recognize that many of our members are struggling to find, hire and retain good legal support. Also, support organizations have dwindled in numbers in our area leaving a gap for networking, MCLE and support for paralegals specifically. As such, we are offering reduced membership rate to $100 (formerly $170) and, if we get enough members, creating a new Paralegal Section. Our vision is that with this focus, CCCBA can ensure that the essential workforce for our attorney members has the support, information, education and networking that is essential to firm health and business growth. We encourage all of our members who represent their firms to consider signing up your paralegals and legal assistants for this great new endeavor!

Conflict Program & Family Law Minors Counsel Panel Members: In recognition of the outstanding and essential work that the members of the CP and Minors Counsel Panel members do, too often without commensurate compensation, CCCBA is including these folks in the Public Attorney Support level. As Judge Virginia George said of Minors Counsel, and I believe can be applied to all of these panel members, serving as a Minors Counsel is like “Pro Bono work with a tip.” We recognize the financial sacrifice that this type of work requires and want to support these folks by offering a reduced membership fee.

LRIS Panelists – Our Lawyer Referral and Information Service program is in DIRE need of panelists. Our LRIS program is one of the best in the nation and that is due to the ability to effectively screen and connect potential clients with attorneys. While we have a stellar group of panelists, calls to our lines have increased and we need YOU to help us make those connections – especially in the areas of: Consumer, Tenant (especially Evictions), Moderate Means Family Law, Elder Financial Abuse, and Debt Collection. As an incentive, if you join the panel as a NEW member, the annual LRIS Panel membership fee of $100 will be waived for 2024. If you are an existing LRIS member and you refer an attorney who then becomes a panelist, your membership will be refunded. Thank you in advance for helping us grow this already excellent program!

JusticeDirect – We are pleased to introduce a new collaboration with JusticeDirect. JusticeDirect is an online platform that provides simple, quick and effective small claims help. As we know, in the state of California, folks involved with Small Claims matters cannot be represented by an attorney. Further, few attorneys actively provide advice and guidance in this area. Contra Costa County Superior Court has an excellent Small Claims Advisor, but with the growing number of cases and inquiries, being able to provide another resource is ideal for our community. A potential litigant is guided through an intuitive and simple ‘wizard’ to help them craft either a demand or settlement letter – all at no cost. Plus, users can file a small claims case and can even create a full trial presentation to present a more complete case to the judge. JusticeDirect is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Users are educated on legal information for their dispute type and decide what steps are right for them. Learn more about JusticeDirect at https://justicedirect.com/