Introducing Contra Costa Justice for All

“Empowering Justice for All”

Our mission is to provide access to high-quality legal services and programs that support underserved individuals and communities, ensuring that justice is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, we strive to bridge the justice gap, protect civil liberties, and promote equality under the law.

In July of 2023, the CCCBA Board of Directors approved the creation of a “501 C 3 arm” for our organization. The effort was led by Ray Robinson, a board member and Chair of the CCCBA Pro Bono Committee. Upon approval, Contra Costa Justice for All was born!

Noted above is the mission statement for this new “sister-charity” for CCCBA. As is inferred by the name “sister-charity,” Justice for All is a related but completely separate organization. The inaugural Board of Directors is made up of dedicated members of our community: President, Craig Nevin; Vice-President, Ray Robinson; Treasurer, Matt Toth; and Secretary, Mike Kasin. Barbara Suskind, who passed away in November of 2023, had long believed that an organization of this nature was essential for the Contra Costa County Bar Association, served as the original secretary of the founding board. The other board members are: Michelle Ferber; Judge Rick Flier (Ret.); Magdalena Kochanski; Beth Mora; Dora Ritzer, LMFT; and Gary Sanders.

An important role for Justice for All is to continue the established CCCBA tradition of supporting and working closely with our community legal-aid partners. The Bar Fund event, which has raised over $894,000 since 2009, is being transitioned to a gala event in 2024 with the proceeds going to support Justice for All. Justice for All will continue to ensure that the Contra Costa legal community has the opportunity and means to provide essential, unrestricted funds for Justice for All and all community partners to ensure we collectively fulfill our shared missions of promoting equality under the law.

While supporting Justice for All, the main purpose of the inaugural Gala is to celebrate the CCCBA’s 90th Anniversary! The Contra Costa County Legal Community is a singularly special and unique community. I can think of no better opportunity to both celebrate our collective success while raising funds for this new exciting organization. Though none of us will be around to see it, I envision an incredible celebration in another 90 years for both CCCBA and Justice for All.

Finally, the Justice for All Board of Directors has been hard at work pulling the paperwork together and developing the foundation from which Justice for All will help create greater access to justice and meaningful representation for those who may not otherwise be able to so afford. We are currently holding a logo competition (details below) and welcome applicants to serve on the Board or supporting committees. Please contact me to learn more if you are interested in being part of this exciting new organization.

Justice for All Logo Competition, deadline February 2, 2024. See the details here..