New Laws in an Uncertain Year

This is an issue you do not want to miss.  The Editorial Board and a few other kind souls took on the onerous task of covering the new laws in several practice areas, including employment, trust and probate, family law, business, tax, criminal, professional responsibility and ADR.   This issue provides one stop reading to find out important new laws that will affect not only your practice, but your life.

Melissa Ignacio answers our burning (pun intended!) questions on the legalization of cannabis (It’s not called marijuana anymore), and its impact on motor safety laws under the Vehicle Code and reminds us of the pitfalls of having opened cannabis or cannabis products in a vehicle.   Perry Novak discusses tax reform, potential (hopeful?) benefits of the new corporate tax rate and the national debt.  Beth Mora gives us an overview on employment laws and Ed Perry alerts us to renewed focus on enforcement of existing employment tax laws.  In Probate and Trust, there have been significant changes procedural notice requirements in the trust and probate laws.  Carol Langford who served on the Commission for the Revision of the Rules of Professional Conduct gives us all the details on the overhaul of the Rules of Professional Conduct.   Nicole Mills’ article on the status of the pending legislative changes regarding confidentiality in mediation is important for anyone who engages in mediation.  Finally, I took on the onerous task of addressing how the elimination of the spousal support deduction may impact the practice of family law.

Since these laws are fresh on the books it is difficult to predict the effects they will have.  But knowledge is power and after reading this issue, you will be well versed on the changes you will need to be aware of for the coming year!  I want to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.  Our deadlines came in right after the holidays and you all stepped up and volunteered your time during this busy season.  A special thanks to Carole Lucido who gave us a “grace period” so we could enjoy our holidays.  This magazine would not happen without you!