Equal Means Equal


Regardless of Who You Are, This Magazine is For You

An invaluable lesson I have been teaching my 9-year-old daughter since birth, a belief I encompass in my work and daily interactions. Equal Means Equal. My colleagues, regardless of who they are – male, female or gender nonconforming, Democrat, Republican, Independent or undeclared, employer or employee, etc., – instill these values in their lives as well. If our ideals are shared and our efforts joined by the majority, publishing an entire edition of Contra Costa Lawyer focusing on one sex will be unnecessary. However, we have yet to reach this point as of March 2018.

Thus, this edition of Contra Costa Lawyer gives voice to the efforts by our lawyers in Contra Costa County who are forging a future for equality and gives local context to a wider discussion in our country about barriers to gender parity.

Understanding these barriers to equality is key to overcoming them.

The articles in this month’s magazine shine light on issues that are difficult and even perhaps controversial. They include Wendy Coats’ and Sharlene Koonce’s article “Moving from #metoo to #allofus: Stopping Sexual

Harassment by Redefining Workplace Culture”, which offers guidance for identifying and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace and “Show Up, Make Your Voice Heard” by Ariel Brownell Lee who shares the personal insights of female leaders of our local legal community. Suzette Torres offers tips for those entrepreneurs in “It’s Time to Harness the Power of your Network.” Mariko Yoshihara rounds out the edition with “Landmark Legislation for Women and Families Led by Women.”

These and other powerful discussions found within the Women in the Law issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine provide tools and information to our legal community, a community with power, ability and duty to work collectively toward equality. Equal Means Equal. Your participation is appreciated.