Coffee Talk – The Secret Lives of Lawyers

Coffee Talk is a regular feature of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. We ask a short question related to an upcoming theme and responses are then published in the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine.

coffee cup with question markFor this issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer we ask:

What artistic endeavor do you engage in to unwind?

I am an amateur winemaker. I make fruit wines (sometimes known as “country wines”) – from fruits, not grapes. I have a large peach tree and cherry tree, blackberry bush and three pomegranate trees. Hence, I make peach-cherry wine and peach-blackberry wine, pomegranate wine, and various other combinations. All are reasonably sweet dessert wines (I “backsweeten” them), and all are yummy! A couple have won awards at the WineMaker Magazine International Competition in past years. I have several entered for this years’ competition (winners to be announced in June).

– Susan Morgan

I am a musician and I play in a rock band. Bass, guitar, and sometimes uke and harmonica. I also sing classical music. I love both! And both can be difficult. But so much fun.

–Carol Langford

Quilting is what I do to unwind and to feed my creative side.

– Deborah Moritz Farr

My creative outlet is playing jazz piano and accordion at assisted living facilities.

– Mike Young

I write a 12-minute timed flash fiction piece every week. The moderator provides a theme, sets a timer, and off we go.

– Corrine Bielejeski, Esq.

a truck moving a house down the street while people watchI buy old houses that are about to be torn down, move them, and then fix them up. I have moved three so far. If my wife would let me, I would move another, but she won’t (at least for now) because I still have two that are not finished yet.

house being moved by a truckI get a thrill out of seeing a house on wheels going down the road, and satisfaction that a lot of lumber did not end up in a landfill.

– David R. Fischer

My creative outlet is to crochet! I taught myself at the beginning of the pandemic and have been making blanket after blanket for my co-workers and family members (I only know a handful of different stitches so I stick with blankets). It keeps my hands busy, it’s meditative and can be done in front the TV – a multitasker’s dream.

– Madison Gunn

I listen to classical music and pop music from 1970’s and earlier. I regularly read books of quotations and humor. Every evening I try to see what “old” movies are playing and re-watch them, especially if they are black & white. My Kindle may have two or three books going at the same time. Fairly basic stuff!

– Hon. Richard Flier (Ret.)

Being a full-time law student, part-time legal assistant, wife, and mother are all very demanding roles. I find that it is imperative to set aside time to refresh my mind and rejuvenate. In doing so, my creative outlets to unwind are splatter painting, acrylic painting and abstract drawing. I choose to use bright colors against dark backgrounds in my splatter paintings and abstract drawings and create scenic acrylic paintings to induce immediate feelings of relaxation. Once I finish my artwork, I am reminded that there is beauty and brightness in every task, and I return to my normal activities with a fresh mind ready to give my best effort as expected. Engaging in my creative outlets periodically is essential to succeed in my endeavors.

– Arvonne De Marco

Not so much creative or artistic but good distractions – Wordle, sometimes Lewdle, never Mathle.

– Anne Wolf

I enjoy taking walks along the Bay in Martinez. I get insight into things while I’m walking, and the answers come to me. I feel relaxed while walking and rejuvenated.

– Angelo Costanza

Painting!painting of woman resting after a workout

– Carin Johnson