The Actor

You get an audition notice. You look at the sides. You say – “I can do this!” But what are the odds? Three thousand to one; 10,000 to one; a million to one? If that really bothers you (or you’re sane or practical or just not a bit crazy), then stop. Don’t go into that room.

However, if you have a passion that drives you, a demon that is constantly in your ear telling you that to act is to breathe, that acting is living, you walk into that room. You give them the best that you have, say thank you, walk out, throw away your sides and go on to the next one. You don’t concern yourself with booking the part – you booked the room. You gave them something to remember you by – you gave them a small piece of your soul – gladly.

You do this without a care in the world, because you just spent the last few minutes of your life doing something that fills your soul, that lifts your spirit and no one can ever take that from you. You know that your time will come and you don’t really care when because you committed yourself to this passion.

You are an ACTOR!!!

© 2017 – Alan E. Ramos