Family Law Section

Membership in the Family Law Section is indispensable for anyone who practices family law in Contra Costa County. The most visible benefits of membership are:

  • Dynamic monthly education seminars and periodic extended seminars led by experienced faculty
  • Early notification of changes in rules
  • Practice requirements in the family law departments
  • Annual meeting and other programs with local family law judges. The bench often uses these meetings as an opportunity to make announcements. MCLE and specialization credits are provided for attending.
  • Also important is the monthly section newsletter, In Chancery, which keeps members abreast of section activities, news from the bench, and educational opportunities.

    Section members receive exclusive use of the section website at

    The section maintains ongoing liaison with the bench, Family Court Services, the Facilitator’s Office, the Department of Child Support Services, the Advisory Council Against Domestic Violence (ACAD), and the various legal aid providers in the county. Through its liaison with the court, the section is actively involved in reviewing court rules or policies and providing input and assistance in drafting new rules and changes to existing rules.

    The section has been active in developing creative and innovative services for family law litigants through a variety of mediation and unbundled legal services programs. It has also worked closely with the bench and professionals in other fields to develop top quality services in such as Custody / Visitation Special Masters, the CPA Pro Bono Program, and minor’s counsel.

    Affiliate memberships are limited to professionals in fields with significant family law related activities, e.g. accountants, therapists, appraisers.


    Marcia Keefe


    Barbara Suskind


    Karen S. Johnson

    Bench Bar Liaison

    Marcia Keefe

    Program Chairperson

    Anne Freeman

    Minors' Counsel Chair

    Dan Harkins

    Mentoring/Networking Committee Liaison

    David Erb

    ProPer Clinic Board Liaison

    Sharon Raab

    ADR Committee

    Faith Jansen


    David Lederman

    In Chancery: Editor

    Therese Bruce
    Phone: (925) 930-6789
    Board Liaisons:
    Karen Johnson

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