Honorable Rebecca Hardie — Department 5

Biographical Information

  • Education: B.S. Western Michigan University; J.D. UCSF, Hastings College of Law.
  • Pre-bench Legal Experience: Deputy District Attorney, Marin County; Assistant United States Attorney, Northern District of California; Pacific Gas & Electric Company.
  • Political Affiliation: Democrat


Judicial Experience

Judge Hardie was appointed to the bench by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on February 18, 2010. She served three years in the Pittsburg courthouse prsiding over criminal matters. In 2013, she was assigned to juvenile court where she presides over dependency and delinquency proceedings.


Courtroom Policies

Judge Hardie requires all counsel to be timely for court appearances. She typically rules from the bench.



Motions must be timely made and in accordance with the Rules of Court and Local Rules unless good cause is found to excuse compliance.



Judge Hardie encourages counsel to be concise and on-point with pleadings in support of positions taken. Courtesy copies must be delivered to chambers at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing.



Requests for continuances must be made in a timely manner.



No audio-visual equipment or cameras are permitted to be used in the courtroom without express permission of the Court.



Counsel should be prepared to proceed on matters at the calling of the calendar and not use court time to meet with clients and prepare for that day’s appearances. Counsel should call the clerk of the department if counsel is going to be delayed or has a conflict with another appearance.