Honorable Nancy Davis Stark — Department 20

Biographical Information

  • Education: Cal State Hayward (B.A. English Lit) / Hastings College of Law (J.D.)
  • Pre-bench Legal Experience: 22 years with District Attorney’s Office Alameda Co
  • Political Affiliation: Democrat


Judicial Experience

  • 8 years on the Bench—Criminal.
  • Presently in Martinez doing the felony probation violation calendar Tuesday and Thursday mornings, as well as arraignments on felonies daily in the afternoons. Bail motions, probation revocations formal hearings on Friday afternoons. Misdemeanor pre-trial hearings Friday mornings.


Current Civic & Professional Activities

  • Currently serving on California Criminal Law and Procedure Committee for two years, through CJA.
  • Bail Committee


Courtroom Policies

No water bottles or cell phones by attorneys. Do not approach the bench while in session.



Allowed on occasion.



Felony Law and Motions are Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.



According to California Rules of Court.



As per Penal Code.


Settlement Conferences

Pre-trial hearings. Bring client as much as possible. Send attorney who can dispo. the case.


In Limine Motions

In writing.


Voir Dire

  • Time limits depending on type of case being tried.
  • Attorneys and court conduct voire dire.
  • Jury instructions to be submitted on first day of trail for clerks to begin to prepare them.


Jury Instructions

On first day of trial have a list ready for my clerk, for misdemeanors.






Dress and speak professionally. Be on time. If can’t be, call the courtroom. As per Judicial Ethics.


Computers in the Courtroom

OK if they are not noisy.



For presentations to jury or court.


Cameras in the Courtroom

No. Not without a hearing.