Honorable Lewis A. Davis — Department 13

Biographical Information

  • Education: Clark University, BA Philosophy with honors; Georgetown University, Fellow, PhD studies in Philosophy; McGeorge School of Law, JD.
  • Pre-bench Legal Experience: Assistant US Attorney, 1990-2006 (Directors Award, Senior Litigation Counsel, Training Director, and Discovery Compliance Officer); Deputy District Attorney. Alameda County, 1984-1990 (Homicide Division).
  • Political Affiliation: Republican


Judicial Experience

  • Pittsburg Branch Court, 51/2 months
  • Richmond Branch Court, 1 1/2 years
  • Juvenile Hall and Pittsburg Drug Court, June 2008 to 2011 Pittburg Court, Supervising
  • Judge 2011 to 2012 Martinez Court, Felony Trials, 2012 to Present


Current Civic & Professional Activities

  • Contra Costa Committee—Diversity on the Bench, Produced judicial mentoring handbook to promote diversity
  • Vice Chair, Judicial Council Court Security Education Committee
  • Robert G. McGrath Inn of Court, 2007-08


Continuing Legal Education Faculty

Governing Committee of the Center for Judicial Education and Research Violence Against Women Education Project Planning Committee Instructor, Domestic Violence Institute for Judges, 2008. Judge Davis was honored to be one of the five judges on the 2012 Criminal Law Institute Workgroup. He also was one of two instructors as the Hot Topics in Evidence course at the Institute (presentation on Crawford and the Confrontation Clause) and one of two instructors at the Protective Orders and Reducing Lethality in Domestic Violence Cases at the Institute.


Recent Publications

Consultant, California Judicial Benchbook – Domestic Violence Cases in Criminal Court, 4th ed. (2007).


Courtroom Policies

Generally rules from the bench. In addition to motions in limine and jury instructions, any anticipated issues should be addressed with the court prior to trial commencement.



None currently.



A courtesy copy should be delivered to the court at the time a motion is filed.



Strict compliance with PC 1054, et seq, and other duties as required by law. The judge has given the late discovery jury instruction (CALCRIM 306).


In Limine Motions

Should be provided the day of trial, and supported by case authority.


Voir Dire

Voir dire is conducted primarily from the bench, with 15-30 minutes allotted per party. Additional time is permitted if necessary at the court’s discretion. Sixpack method. (Not applicable in juvenile cases.)


Jury Instructions

Complete instructions to be provided by the parties the first day of trial. Two jury instruction conferences will be held. (Not applicable in juvenile cases.)


Has on rare occasion issued expedited contempt per CCP 177.5.



Counsel should be polite, not interrupt, and not make speaking objections.


Computers in the Courtroom

Counsel may use their own equipment with prior notice.



Counsel may use their own equipment with prior notice.


Cameras in the Courtroom




Please be prepared, with appropriate case authority to support legal assertions, and be courteous. Counsel should notify the clerk if running late to court. Prepared by Ross Pytlik, Gagen McCoy.