Honorable John C. Cope — Department 22

Biographical Information

  • Education: BYU JD; BYU BA
  • Pre-bench Legal Experience: 22 years District Attorney, Contra Costa County
  • Political Affiliation: Republican


Judicial Experience

Sworn in 2/10/2014. 2 years in Criminal trials. Family Law since 1/2016.


Typical weekly schedule

Weeks alternate between short cause and long cause matters.


Courtroom Policies

Please contact department for written case manage conference and settlement conference policies and pretrial instructions and orders.



Allowed for brief (20 minute matters).


Court Reporters & Translators

Currently, no court reporters provided by the court re: family law matters. Translators are provided.


Computers in the Courtroom

We have one; you can bring your own.





Cameras in the Courtroom

Not unless compelling reason shown.


Does this Court prefer courtesy copies delivered to the department prior to hearing?



Does this Court use the Contra Costa Standard Family Law Pre-Trial order or have its own Pre-Trial order?

Contact department for our Pre-trial Order.


Does this Court expect parties/attorneys to meet and confer prior to hearing Will the Court order parties to do so before calling the matter?