Employment Section

The Employment Law Section includes members representing both employee and employer/management interests, as well as in-house counsel, neutral investigators, mediators and law school students.  Through continuing education events on pertinent issues facing employment law practitioners, networking events, and sponsoring non-profit legal aid workshops, the Employment Law Section hopes to be a resource for its members and local community.  Those involved in employment law or interested in employment law are invited to participate in the Employment Law Section.

Anjuli M. Cargain


Margaret Grover
Grover Workplace Solutions
1300 Clay St., Suite 600
Oakland, CA. 94612
(510) 654-1678
[email protected]

Vice President/2022 President Elect:



Marta Vanegas
Vanegas Law Group
(510) 937-5433
[email protected]


Board Members:

Anjuli M. Cargain
(415) 957-3088
[email protected]

Brittany Jones
(925) 937-5433
[email protected]

Douglas Prutton
(925) 677-5080
[email protected]

Chris Mead
(415) 765-6232
[email protected]