Barristers / Young Lawyers Section

The Barristers/Young Lawyers Section provides recently-admitted attorneys with networking, education, and mentoring opportunities. All CCCBA members with fewer than ten years of practice are automatically members of the section and are welcome to attend the meetings of the Section’s Board to become more involved.

The goal of the section is to build a network within the bar association, develop familiarity with all aspects of the legal field and to help new attorneys with their burgeoning legal careers. The section helps its members develop a deep understanding of what other lawyers do, a strong social and referral network no matter where their practice takes them, and a genuine commitment to advancing the profession.

The Barristers Section creates MCLE events targeted to recently-admitted attorneys, engages in charitable endeavors and organizes social events that allow new lawyers to grow their network of peers, potential mentors, and judicial officers.

Ariel Brownell Lee


Ariel Brownell Lee
Law Office of Ariel Brownell
1990 N. California Blvd., Ste. 8th Floor
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 421-1529
[email protected]


Danielle Jones
Law Offices of Danielle Jones
(925) 494-1471
[email protected]


Brittany Hendrix-Smith
Law Office of Brittany Hendrix-Smith
(925) 293-2013
[email protected]


Indy Colbath
Law Office of Indy Colbath
(925) 289-8574
[email protected]


Rebecca Jones
Wapnick Family Law
(925) 932-2225
[email protected]

Board Members at Large

Aaron Doyle  
The Doyle Law Firm
(877) 472-3245
[email protected]

Lauren Delucchi
Marion’s Inn, LLP
(510) 451-6770
[email protected]  

Farrah Hussein 
Vallejo City Attorney’s Office
(707) 648-5420
[email protected]

Michael Kasin  
Antero, Tormey & Petrin PC
(925) 786-3424
[email protected]

Angelica Lopez
Law Offices of Angelica Lopez
(925) 489-4519
[email protected]

Jennifer Navalle
Ken Harvey Auto Group
(925) 574-4661
[email protected] 

Lauren Quan 
Law Office of Lauren Quan
(510) 952-7660
[email protected]

Ray Robinson 
Law Office of Ray Robinson
(925) 255-1640
[email protected]

Aleaxandra Saddick
Clapp Moroney Vucinich Beeman Scheley
(925) 734-0900
[email protected]