What Does the Future Bring?

How do you plan for a future when all you know and are accustomed to is no longer considered normal? Many of the articles in this edition talk about the ways the court has had to recreate a new normal. We have been creative to say the least and leaped into a technology period that would have taken years to enter.

I am optimistic about the court’s future despite a massive $4.3 million state budget cut. We have endured staff layoffs and made hard cuts to our overall budget to partly address this. At this time, having made solid financial decisions in the last fiscal year, we have been fortunate to not need staff furloughs to offset this large cut. The economic forecast for the state is unknown and we will continue to address our situation as we learn more.

Leadership is not the word that could describe what Judge Baskin has provided for the court these past two years. The decisions that needed to be made had never been harder and affected every aspect of the court into the future. These past six months have brought us challenges that we could have never anticipated, and our Presiding Judge has been engaged in every step to guide our path. Judge Hardie will face many challenges in the new year as well, but will be building on a solid foundation.

We are one year into our new traffic case management system and things went as smoothly as we hoped. I am very excited to say we are knee deep into implementation of our new case management system for all other case types… this includes true e-filing! We have chosen Odyssey, a system that 28 other courts throughout the state are using. It is an incredible amount of work that has been led by Han Lee and the Management and Information Technology teams at the court. A more dedicated group could not be asked for.

I want to thank all the judges who have written an article for this edition. They bring a unique insight to their case area, especially this year, and I learn something each time. I also want to thank the amazing court staff without which we do not function. A special thank you to the management team who have been a super power that has kept this court functioning and given a sense of normalcy for us all.

Here’s to a healthy 2021! Enjoy this edition!