The Justice James J. Marchiano Distinguished Service Award

The Justice James J. Marchiano Distinguished Service Award

I am honored and privileged to announce a new Distinguished Service Award, named after the Honorable James J. Marchiano, in recognition of his many contributions to our local community, his selfless leadership, and in helping make our world a better place. Justice Marchiano served as a Contra Costa County trial court judge and, more recently, Presiding Justice of the First District Court of Appeal, Division 1.

The inaugural award will be given out at 2020’s Bar Fund event to a CCCBA member who volunteers his or her time, either in a legal or non-legal capacity, to improve the circumstances of others and changes lives for the better in our community. To be considered for the award, a member can self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. Applications will be available by early spring and due next summer.

We also will have an honor roll where any CCCBA member who volunteers 50 or more hours in a year will be recognized at the Bar Fund event next year. The reporting period is September 1, 2019 through August 30, 2020, so start tracking your hours. A member can record his or her hours easily by downloading a spreadsheet on the Pro Bono page of the new CCCBA website.

The Pro Bono Committee started this award for two main reasons:

  1. to inspire members to provide not only traditional pro bono legal services but also non-law-related community service, and
  2. to honor and continue Justice Marchiano’ s legacy of service to the community.

Many of our members are already involved in many great organizations and causes. It will be inspiring to learn about their experiences helping others and the differences they make – both small and big – in the lives of others. I also hope that, by recognizing these individuals, they know we appreciate their service. I also hope to create a friendly competition among members where they will want to see their name on the honor roll list and be motivated to contribute time and hit (or exceed) the 50-hour annual target.

As attorneys, we have the knowledge, training, and skill set to improve the lives of others and make a difference. I encourage everyone to make it a goal in 2020 to contribute your many talents by touching the life of at least one person in need.

Visit the CCCBA website for the latest information on this award.