Thank You to Volunteers – Legal Workshops 2019

We would like to express our gratitude to the many CCCBA members who generously give their time and talent to assist the CCC community with their legal issues.

How to Establish a Conservatorship Workshop

Konstantine Demiris – The Demiris Law Firm PC
Douglas Housman – Law Offices of Cain, Cain & Housman

Immigration Law Workshop

Marco Garzon – Argumedo Garzon Law Group
Flavio Carvalho – Matian Firm
Victoria Argumedo – Argumedo Garzon Law Group
Alexandra Wilson – Family Justice Center
Anna Luz Vazquez – Law Office of Ana Luz Vazquez
Peggy Bristol-Wright – Law Office of Peggy Bristol- Wright

Family Law Workshop

Amy Alvis – Alvis Quashnock & Associates
David Lederman – Law Offices of David Lederman

Civil Litigation Pro Per Clinic

Geoffery Steele – Steele Law Group
Vahishta Falahati – Falahati Law APC
Samantha Sepehr – Schofield Law Group
Justin Schnitzler – Ring Hunter Holland & Schenone, LLP

Bankruptcy Clinic

Jen Lee – Jen Lee Law
Daniel Vaughan – Law Office of Daniel S. Vaughan

We are always in need of volunteers for our clinics & workshops. Please contact Anne K. Wolf at or (925) 370-2540 to learn more!