Summer Reading

Welcome to the August edition of the Contra Costa Lawyer. With the onset of summer, we traditionally see our readership drop with it bottoming out in August as our members rush to get that last summer vacation in with their kids or grandkids. Those of us with older kids know to avoid all the vacation spots during summer. We decided that our August issue this year would be lighter and less law focused. We aimed to have articles that you could read on vacation and with your legal brains turned off. This doesn’t mean that the articles are less interesting or helpful to you, just that they are not as practice focused as the majority of our articles throughout the year. Hopefully, one or two are even fun reads as you sit by the pool. For those of you working all month, our condolences.

Our August issue contrasts strongly with next month where we will be addressing the upcoming election and political issues head on. Like much of the country, we are all glued to the news as the parties rush towards their national conventions.

For those of you that want to write for the Contra Costa Lawyer, please email us. We are always looking for authors.

The Editorial Board hopes that this issue finds everyone enjoying his or her summer.