Solutions to Contra Costa’s Traffic Woes

Solutions to Contra Costa’s Traffic Woes

Coffee Talk is a regular feature of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. We ask a short question related to an upcoming theme and responses are then published in the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. This month for the Real Estate Development issue, we asked:

Would you be willing to give up your car to address parking and traffic problems in our county?

NO! Will not consider until we have public transportation in the Greater Bay Area and within Contra Costa County like they do in New York City and even then it will take a great deal of convincing.


Hell, no.


Yes, if there were ample public transportation options and I could get to where I needed to be. I never needed a car in Budapest, Hungary. Until I moved to the U.S., I never even learned to drive, neither did my mother or most of my family. We could use buses, trams, trolley buses, metro, trains, and even a funicular to take us everywhere. We walked a lot, too, and it kept us fit to a large extent. Oh, but I wax nostalgic: Budapest is a European city, developed organically when most people travelled by foot.

Marta R. Vanegas, J.D., LL.M., Attorney at Law

Law Offices of John F. Martin, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

NO!  I love my Subaru.  Public transportation is not sufficient in Central Contra Costa County.  JZ

JOEL  ZEBRACK,  Attorney / Mediator

I like driving so much, and get so many benefits, and problems, from my car.  I realize what may be coming to reduce danger, but want to continue being able to drive for now.

John Diaz Coker