Photos: Theresa Hurley’s Farewell Party

The CCCBA came out to bid farewell to Executive Director Theresa Hurley, and to thank her for her leadership and over the past 11 years. We all wish her well!

Man and woman smiling, drinking glasses of wine
Attorney Jeff Kirk with Theresa Hurley
group of 4 women smiling, at cocktail party
Suzanne Boucher, Pam Maraccini, Renee Welze Livingston and Judge Jill Fannin
Two men smiling
Judge Wade Rhyne and Michael Pierson
Two women posing at cocktail party
CCCBA Board President Ericka McKenna with Terry Leoni
Man and women smiling at cocktail party
Past CCCBA Board President Dorian Peters with Terry Leoni
man and woman in front of dessert table at cocktail party
Attorneys Derrick Roehn and Suzanne Boucher
Lisa Mendes with her two children, a girl and a boy
Lisa Mendes and her “bar babies”
Three people listening to speaches, with arms crossed
Greg Iskander, Tamara Ribas and Commissioner Gina Dashman
three women and one man smiling at farewell party for Theresa Hurley
Patanisha Davis Pierson, CCCBA Board President Ericka McKenna, Christina Weed and Matt Talbot
Two men at cocktail party
Craig Nevin and Malcolm Sher
Man and woman talking
Cary McReynolds with Theresa Hurley
five women around luncheon table with beverages
CCCBA staff at Theresa Hurley’s farewell lunch. Barbara Arsedo, Carole Lucido, Theresa Hurley, Anne Wolf and Jennifer Comages