Meet the Criminal Conflict Program

The main purpose of Criminal Conflict Program (CCP) is to facilitate the delivery of legal services
to indigent persons in a variety of cases, at a reasonable cost to the public. An additional purpose
of the program is “to maintain a high standard of practice by member attorneys, and to assist member attorneys in the maintenance and improvement of their law practices.”

The CCP was established in 1984, under the auspices of the CCCBA. Before the program went into effect, judges appointed attorneys directly. The CCP’s system of appointments resolved the problem of allegations of favoritism in the selection and payment of attorneys.

The majority of CCP cases are criminal, where the Public Defender’s Office and Alternate Defender’s Office have a conflict because they cannot represent more than one defendant per case. The CCP also appoints attorneys—within 30 minutes—to represent witnesses testifying in court who may incriminate themselves.

The CCP appoints attorneys to represent minors in probate guardianship cases, conservatees in conservatorship cases, contempt defense and to advise on the potential immigration consequences of convictions.

CCP attorneys must be active members in the State Bar of California and the CCCBA, maintain their principal office in Contra Costa County, conduct a majority of their practice in the county, and maintain professional liability insurance. The CCP committee, comprised of nine CCCBA members appointed by the bar president, promulgates rules and regulations for the CCP and evaluates and certifies applicant attorneys for appropriate panels. Attorneys apply for membership, and eligibility varies based on criminal practice and jury trial experience.

In criminal cases, appointments are made on a case classification system based on maximum sentence
exposure. Fees for non-capital cases are currently $75 to $120 for out of court work, and $85 to
$155 for trial work, depending on the case classification.

While cases are pending, attorneys can submit applications for funding authorizations for such services as investigation, interpreting foreign languages and expert consultations. The CCP director reviews and makes decisions on such requests. The CCP rules also establish a Fee Review Committee. Attorneys may appeal the director’s decision to this committee, and the ultimate authority over funding decisions rests with the presiding judge pursuant to Penal Code section 987.2, so attorneys dissatisfied with the Fee Review Committee’s decision can seek judicial relief.

Attorneys and investigators submit monthly invoices through CCP’s custom-built billing website. The CCP submits monthly fiscal and caseload reports to the Contra Costa County Administrator’s Office for reimbursement.

William (Bill) Green has been the CCP Director since 2015. The staff consists of Kathi Lane (12 years) and Debbie Garcia (eight years).

To apply to become a CCP panel attorney or for more information, visit CCCBA’s website at

William (Bill) Green


I’ve been with the CCP since August 31, 2015. After 13 years working in the County Public Defender’s Office, I spent three years in-house as counsel for a Silicon Valley software company, then three years at a midsize Oakland civil law firm, and then 10 years as a sole practitioner in Martinez drafting and negotiating software license agreements, while also practicing white-collar criminal defense and civil litigation.

As Director of the Criminal Conflict Program, I administer the CCP contract with Contra Costa County for legal representation of indigents, ensuring the CCP attracts and maintains a sufficient number of attorneys to staff CCP cases in courts throughout the county; ensure participating attorneys comply with Rules of Professional Conduct and CCP rules and regulations; and develop educational programs and resources for participating attorneys.

Specifically, I review funding requests from attorneys appointed through the program, which includes criminal and juvenile matters, witness representation, probate guardianships and conservatorship cases.
In my spare time, I am the founder of, an online arbitration service for resolving fantasy sports disputes since 2004.

Kathi Lane
Administrative Assistant


I began working for CCCBA’s Criminal Conflict Program in spring 2003 as an administrative assistant. I have enjoyed watching the program expand and evolve over the last 12 years.

It is personally rewarding to work with such a highly qualified and committed group of defense and probate attorneys. When people ask me if I like my job, the answer is always in the affirmative. I am lucky to have a great coworker, Debbie, and together we share responsibility for keeping the program running smoothly. It is a fun and positive work environment.

Prior to joining the CCP, I worked as an executive administrative assistant for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for the Western Region HR and recruiting department. I have also worked in administrative and management positions since college in various careers including executive recruiter, preschool director and restaurant manager.

I graduated from California State University, Chico, with a degree in social welfare and corrections, back when “Pioneer Days” was still a grand event.

I have lived in Solano County for the past 18 years. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, gardening and spending time with my family and friends.

Debbie Garcia
Administrative Assistant


I joined the CCCBA’s Criminal Conflict Program in July 2007, as an administrative assistant. Kathi and I work together to provide the highest level of service to the clients and the attorneys involved in the program.

Prior to joining CCP, I was located in San Jose, where I worked for a family law attorney for several years. I was also employed for eight years at Microscience International Corporation, a hard disk drive manufacturer, in the HR department. In between jobs, I took nine years off to raise my children.

Ten years ago, I arrived in Contra Costa County with my husband, four boys and my niece. Five years ago, we became grandparents to a beautiful girl! I absolutely love football, especially watching my son play. As a family, we love camping and cars of all types.