KUDOS to our Selfless CCCBA Fee Mediation/Arbitration Program Volunteers

The Fee Arbitration Program could not operate without the dedicated attorney, lay mediator and arbitrator volunteers. These volunteers offer their time and expertise to the community by helping attorneys and their clients resolve fee disputes without the expense of going to court. Your admirable work ethic is appreciated by the CCCBA Board of Directors, the Fee Mediation/Arbitration Committee, and especially, by me, Emily Day, the Fee Arbitration Director.

We currently have 73 arbitrators and mediators, including seven non-attorney arbitrators. Almost half have volunteered for five or more years. Cases are assigned toarbitrators familiar with the field of law the underlying case involves. So, if you are interested in volunteering for this important community service, please refer to the information on our website.

I would especially like to reach out to our family law attorneys and ask you to consider serving.

At least half of the requests for arbitration filed each year involve family law, and since we have twice as many civil arbitrators than we do family law arbitrators, your participation would relieve the burden placed on your colleagues.

To qualify as an attorney fee arbitrator, you must have been admitted to the practice of law a minimum of three years and be in current good standing with the State Bar of California. In addition, you must complete the CCCBA MCLE self-study program and test once every five years; or attend a State Bar Fee Arbitrator training program. All lawyers and non-lawyers who have completed at least 40 hours of mediator training acceptable to the CCCBA may serve as mediators.

For more information about the program and how to apply, visit our website: https://www.cccba.org/adr-programs


Gizzi, Stephen, Chair
Marraccini, Rod
Pearson, David
Peters, Dorian
Sher, Malcolm


Goldberg, Kathleen
Halper, Sharon
Linn, Pat
Lloyd, Kimball
Moulton, John
Savage, Linda
Schreiber, Charles


Baxter, Leslie
Cooper, David O.
Cummins, Donal Casey
Dora, Ainsly
Fenchel, Karen
Floum, D. Alexander
Gronowski, Katy
Niemann, Robert
Owen, Rachelle
Poulos, Greg
Rathjen, Jon
Steele, Gina
Stein, Randolph


Bavafa, Pouya
Beard, Terrence
Brown, Christopher
Carr, Frederick
Deal, J. Garret
De Die, Ann Marie
Derby, Steven
Doyle, Terence
Dubow, Paul
Edgar-Dickman, Lisa
Ehrlich, Rachel
Feldman, Aaron
Finta, Craig
Ginn, David
Glassford, James
Graham, Jessica
Golde, David
Green, Horace
Grover, Margaret
Hartz, John
Hesseltine, Wally
Hickey, William
Hirsch, Clifford
Huddleston, Robert
Huang, Peter
Johnson, Bonnie
Lally, Kevin
Langberg, Aaron
Langford, Carol
Leoni, Terry
Martin, John
Morison William C.
Odell, Gabriela
Pastor, David
Pearlman, Howard
Peters, Helen
Prentice, John
Ryan, Dan
Sohnen, Harvey
Speir, George
Stephens, Rand
Subramanian, Uma
Suskind, Barbara
Taylor, Edward
Walsh, Lorraine
Webster, Jon
West, Stuart
Whiting, William
Wolfrum, Thomas
Yudien, Jordan