Interview with Daisy, the Granddaughter

Once it was determined that Edna’s death was a homicide, officers interviewed each of the people who were present for all or part of Thanksgiving dinner.  Officer Jones recorded his interview with Daisy.  The following is a transcript of that interview.

Officer: Hi, I’m Officer Don, and you are Daisy, right?

Daisy:  Yes, sir.

Officer: I’d like to ask you a few questions.  Is that okay with you?

Daisy:  I want my mother to be with me.  You are a stranger.

Officer:  Your mom is busy with another police officer right now.  Can’t you and I just have a little chat?

Daisy: Okay, but I’d really rather wait until my mother can be with me.

Officer:  I tell you what, if I ask anything that makes you uncomfortable, I won’t push for an answer until your mother is ready to join us.

Daisy:  Okay.

Officer:  First, I need to ask some questions that might seem silly to you, but please do the best you can because your answers are important even though there are no right or wrong answers, okay?

Daisy:  I’ll try, sir.

Officer:  If I said that the pants you are wearing are green, would that be the truth or a lie?

Daisy:  It would be a lie because they are blue.

Officer: (Holding up three fingers on each hand.) If I were to tell you that I am holding up six fingers, would that be the truth or a lie?

Daisy: (Counts the fingers.) That would be true.

Officer:  How old are you?

Daisy:  11.

Officer:  What grade are you in at school?

Daisy: 6th grade.

Officer:  Do you like school?

Daisy: Mostly.

Officer:  Mostly?

Daisy:  Sometimes I need extra help or extra time for tests.  I don’t like that I am different from the other kids.  Sometimes, they make fun of me.

Officer:  That must really feel bad.

Daisy:  Yes, it does.  But I like the teachers.  They are really kind.

Officer:  Good.  Can we talk about your visit with your grandmother?

Daisy:  Yes, sir.

Officer:  Do you remember when you got here?

Daisy:  Yes, sir.

Officer:  When did you get here?

Daisy: Last weekend, on Sunday, I think.

Officer:  What have you done all week?

Daisy:  Not much.  It’s pretty boring here with just old people and no kids to play with.

Officer:  I’m sorry to hear that.  Can we talk about yesterday?  That must have been more interesting with the big dinner and company at dessert time.

Daisy:  There was lots of food, but all my mother and grandmother did was talk about me when I was a baby, and the company was just Carla and her boyfriend.

Officer:  Well, did anything unusual happen?

Daisy:  Well, there was one time when my grandmother said that her wine tasted funny.  But she drank it anyway.

Officer:  Was that before or after Carla and her boyfriend came in?

Daisy: After.

Officer: Did they bring wine with them?

Daisy:  I don’t know.  They did bring something in a brown paper bag for my grandmother.

Officer:  Did anyone else drink wine from the same bottle that your grandmother got hers?

Daisy:  I don’t know.

Officer:  Did anything else happen last night?

Daisy:  Not that I can remember.

Officer:  Thank you.  I am done.  That wasn’t too bad, was it?

Daisy:  No, sir.

Officer:  Okay, let’s go see if we can find your mom.