This month we decided to do something a little bit different. Instead of choosing a theme and asking people to write about it, we channeled our inner law-school professor and created a fact pattern and then we asked people in different areas of expertise to look at and give us their insights.

Our fact pattern centers on Veronica and Albert, a divorced couple who used to work together and who now still find themselves working in the same space, albeit for different employers. Although they are divorced, Albert has been harassing Veronica (and has attacked her), in her workplace at Family Co. We asked a wide variety of experts to give us their thoughts.

Some of our authors gave advice. Qiana Washington, a criminal attorney with Washington & Associates, offers her advice to Albert (who should really give her a call!), while Marjorie Wallace, an employment attorney, offers her advice to Veronica (who has options here, but needs to protect her rights). Maggie Grover, a mediator, offers her advice to the mediator that Veronica and Family Co. use to try to resolve their dispute and perhaps create a safe space for Veronica to return to.

Some of our authors offer advice to the reader. Sean Brennan, VP with Pacific Diversified Insurance Services , explains the different types of insurance that Family Co. probably wants to have in place to help them should Veronica file a lawsuit or a worker’s compensation claim. Speaking of which, Elaine Deane explains the application of worker’s compensation to Veronica’s situation. Last, but certainly not least, Mark LeHocky, a mediator and arbitrator, examines the potential arbitration issues raised by potential claims by Veronica against Family Co.

We hope you enjoy this issue. There were so many other perspectives we could have included — family law, domestic violence issues, employer-side advice, etc., but at some point we ran out of space! What we really hoped to achieve was to illustrate that every client’s situation potentially involves the expertise of many different practice areas. Always keep your eyes (and mind) open for those possibilities.

Read the fact pattern here.