Employment Law and the Changing Political Scene

With the heat of summer comes passion, enthusiasm, vacation and much desired rest (well, for some). You will find this and more as you pass through the July Employment Law edition of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. The Employment Law edition is a welcome read for attorneys in all areas of practice as we are a diverse group of employees and employers, similarly immersed in the ever-changing political climate.

Keeping the present political landscape in mind, the magazine provides several compelling articles, “Mind the Gap: The Increasing Divide Between California and Federal Employment Laws Under the Trump Administration”; “California’s Wage Equality Law: Will a Rise in Social Awareness and Litigation Lead the Way to a Rise in Pay?”; and, ‘“Covfefe‘ and the Workplace – California Labor Code’s Anti-Retaliation Provisions in The Modern Day Political Workplace.”

As wage and hour claims as well as PAGA actions continue to develop in the courts and Congress, the magazine presents several timely articles: “What You Should Know About the Private Attorneys General Act in 2017,” “Recent Developments in PAGA Litigation” and, “Recent Developments in California’s Rest Break Law.”

A terribly relevant summer sizzler: “Summer Employment – Quick Tips to Avoid Common Pitfalls.” Finally, we encourage you to review our Pro Bono spotlight, “Legal Aid for Low-Wage Pregnant Workers in Contra Costa County.”

In the hot dry heat of Contra Costa County, the ever-changing world of employment law is a reality. The July edition of the Employment Law issue offers a cool breeze to get you to Fall.

A heartfelt thank you to those who contributed their time and effort in presenting articles I am certain you will find educational and enjoyable. Have a great summer.