Doing Business at the Richmond Courthouse

Doing Business at the Richmond Courthouse

Background of the Courthouse

The Richmond Superior Court location is named after Judge George D. Carroll who was the first African American judge appointed in Contra Costa County. Before his appointment to the bench he was the first African American Richmond city council member and first African American mayor of the City of Richmond.

How Do I Get to the Courthouse?

The formal address of the Richmond courthouse is 100-37th Street. It is easily accessible off of Interstate 80. Direction “apps” provide a confusing list of ways to get to the court. As a frequent visitor to the Courthouse as a Pro Tem Judge and potential juror, I suggest the easiest routes are as follows:

(a) If you are driving westbound on I-80 take Exit 16 which is the ramp to Barrett Avenue/Central Richmond. Take a right at the bottom of the exit and continue on Barrett. Turn right onto one way 42nd Street. Turn right onto Macdonald Avenue. Turn left onto 41st Street and cross Bissell Avenue into the parking area which is around the corner from the County Health building.
(b) If you are driving eastbound on I-80 take Exit 16A Macdonald Avenue which loops under the freeway. Continue on west on Macdonald and turn left onto 41st Street and cross Bissell Avenue into the parking area which is around the corner from the county health building.

Although the front door of the court is on 37th Street, that entrance is closed. The actual entrance to the Courthouse is around the corner with the parking lot entrance on Bissell Street. There is a large parking lot on the side of the Court and the court entrance is through a courtyard behind the building where everyone must go through security.

Departments/Other Services

There are five departments in the two-story Courthouse which hear Criminal, Traffic, Small Claims and Landlord/Tenant cases. The jury assembly room is on the first floor. There is a Family Law Facilitator Office located in Room 202. This location also has a law library on the second floor which is open to the public, bar and judiciary offering free internet access and use of legal resources. There is a copy machine which can be used for a nominal per-page charge.

Where Can I Go for Lunch?

If you find your court appearance requires you to take a lunch break, here is a list of some close by lunch spots with great food:

1) Angelo’s Deli–12025 San Pablo Avenue. This deli is run by husband and wife Anna Lee and Jae Choy and has been operating for over 20 years. They offer great sandwiches and other deli items.
2) Sa Wad Dee Thai–12200 San Pablo Avenue. This is one of the best Thai restaurants in West County which offers a lunch menu.
3) Red Onion–11900 San Pablo Avenue.This restaurant offers a good alternative to the chain “burger” places with good hamburgers, fries and shakes.
4) Denny’s–located at the corner of Potrero Avenue & San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito;
5) Various ”fast food” outlets at the Target “MacDonald 80” Mall which is walking distance from the courthouse.

There are many other restaurants in Richmond, at the Richmond Marina and in Point Richmond if you have more time, but these are closer to the courthouse.