Congratulations to CCCBA’s Inaugural Pro Bono Honor Roll Recipients

Thank you to our Pro Bono Honor Roll recipients for giving of your valuable time and expertise to benefit our community. Your efforts make the world a better place, something that is even more necessary during these challenging times.

Our inaugural group was composed of 12 solo/small firm practitioners, ten larger law firm attorneys and one law student. The number of hours donated over the year varied from 53 to over 600. The type of volunteer work ranged from work on pro bono cases, volunteering at legal clinics or with the court, board/committee meeting work/attendance or work and non-legal community volunteering such as coaching sports teams or leading scout troops.  Total hours topped 3,600. At $30 per hour (for legal work) that is over $1,000,000! The fact that over half this work was done during a pandemic makes it even more amazing.

Many CCCBA members are already involved in many great organizations and causes.  It is inspiring to learn about their experiences helping others and the differences they make – both small and big – in the lives of others.  By recognizing these individuals, the CCCBA hopes to show how much we appreciate their service and encourage all members to contribute time and hit (or exceed) the 50-hour annual target.

As attorneys, we have the knowledge, training and skill set to improve the lives of others and make a difference.  The Pro Bono Committee would like all members to consider the goal of contributing their many talents by touching the life of at least one person in need. We know there are many more CCCBA members who help out in their communities in many ways.  Start tracking your hours for next year’s Pro Bono Honor Roll!  Any CCCBA member who has volunteered 50 or more hours in a legal or non-legal capacity over the period September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021 is eligible for the Pro Bono Honor Roll.

Total volunteer hours topped 3,600.

At $300 per hour that is over $1 million!

Jon BabioneJulie Ann GiammonaStephanie Sato
Laura Balon-KeletiJaime HerrenStephen Seto
Punita BhasinKathleen HuntGeoffrey Steele
Marc BouretMichelene InsalacoRyan Szczepanik
Natasha CheeDavid MarchianoBrian Thiessen
Cristelle ConanonBeth MoraAndrew Verriere
Conor DayPatricia RuizLorraine Walsh
Mika DomingoGary Sanders

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