Coming Soon: New CCCBA logo, website and more!

Have you been on the Contra Costa County Bar Association’s website lately? The CCCBA’s comprehensive website has been serving our members and the public for about 23 years. As technology advances our website has become outdated and stale. In 2018, the Board of Directors started the process to revamp the website and to make better use of social media. As we focus on Social Media and Technology with this edition of the Contra Costa Lawyer, I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on our progress.

New User-Friendly Website
Our committee, led by Board Member Ericka McKenna, has vetted vendors, worked on the “wireframes” for the new website, reviewed changes to copy, analyzed animation, voted on colors, fonts, shapes, and even a new logo. We are excited that we are now having individuals from various communities testing out the preliminary functionality of the website.

Overall, the website will look and feel very different than the current website. Sometimes, “less is more” and the new website will follow the recent trends by having fewer words, and more white space, pictures, and links. We hope you will find that the website will be easier to navigate, and less frustrating when you are searching for a specific piece of information. And, frankly, we hope that you will come to rely on the website for more than just signing up for events and updating your profile.

With a large-scale overhaul like the one we are going through, there are bound to be those who long for the “old” website. Rest-assured that some of the familiar parts of the current website will not change, or will only have slight alterations. For example, attorney profiles and the directory will hardly change, if at all.

We expect that the new website will “go live” for your use this Fall – so stayed glued to your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. You will not want to miss exploring the new website!

New Logo
This is the 85th anniversary of the founding of the CCCBA, and this November we will hold our 25th annual MCLE Spectacular. These milestones, along with our website revamp, make it a great year for a new CCCBA logo. Like the website, the new logo will be revealed this Fall. Keep an eye open for the new logo, and new swag!

Social Media
At the 2018 Installation Luncheon, and again this year, I highlighted that the CCCBA is focused on making better use of social media platforms. To date, we are doing a better job with supplementing our weekly e-blasts with separate communications regarding our Member Benefits discounts, for example. Additionally, you may have noticed more activity on LinkedIn and Facebook. We encourage and invite all our members to follow, share, “like” and comment on the CCCBA’s posts on these and any other social media platforms.

Thank You
None of this work gets done without the time, energy and generosity of our staff members (Theresa Hurley, Carole Lucido, Emily Day and Barbara Arsedo), our Website and Communications Committee (including Ericka McKenna, James Wu, Natasha Chee, David Erb, Oliver Greenwood, Dorian Peters, Laura Ramsey, Summer Selleck and Steve Steinberg). I know all their hard work will pay off when the new logo and website are unveiled in just a few short months!