Change: The Only True Constant

Inside column by Jody IornsAs a professional in the non-profit world for the last 30 years, a mom for 22, and a citizen of this country for over 50 (with special emphasis on the mom-part), despite my fervent wishes to the contrary, the only truth one can really rely on is that things will always change. Donors change, kids’ favorites change, laws change, and so on and so on. And while that can, at times, seem unsettling, in many ways, it is the greatest gift life offers us. For it is with change that opportunities emerge.

I consider this most recent personal vocational change to be an incredible gift. To be in this role, at this unique moment in history, with almost every aspect of our lives changing due to the pandemic, doors are opening, and pathways never before imagined are available for exploration and implementation. As we head into 2023, we are facing new laws, new leadership, new members of the bench, and new societal demands and expectations that require us to respond in new and creative ways. To quote from a recent new favorite musical “Spirited” – “imagine the possibilities!”

In this issue you will have the opportunity to read more about the changes here at CCCBA and with the court. You will meet the new CCCBA leadership and learn about their vision and intentions for guiding the organization through these evolving times. The court has been a stalwart model of managing positively through change as illustrated by former Presiding Judge Hardie who shares insight and reflects on the positives that came from the pandemic chaos.

We will also meet the new members of the Contra Costa County Superior Court bench and hear from the new Presiding Judge about his goals and objectives as he takes up the baton from Judge Hardie.

I know that, together, CCCBA and the bench share the same goal of providing stability and support as we all navigate this new and rapidly changing world.

Here at CCCBA we are working feverishly to ensure that we are the strongest partner possible to every member of this community. Being the new kid on the block, in me you have a new slate on which to write your vision and goals for the future. What can CCCBA do to strengthen your practice? How do we better meet your vocational and work-life balance needs to ensure wellness and peace? What do we do well that we shouldn’t change? I invite you to send me an email or call with any ideas/suggestions you have. As I noted above, these are unique times in which we find ourselves, and I see great possibilities for us and our community.

I look forward to working with all of you and hope you will take me up on my invitation to share ideas, goals and suggestions.