Bar Fund Benefit

CCCBA’s Bar Fund was established in 1988 to help improve the conditions for those in need through a permanent and ongoing source of income. We are proud to say that due to generous donations from people like you, our total grants to date are $734,320!

Each year in the fall, CCCBA sponsors a fundraiser in support of The BAR FUND and to raise consciousness about the need for pro bono legal services for our community.

The Bar Fund Goals:

  • Promote and support Pro Bono legal advice, counsel and representation to the County’s poor and needy
  • Maintain equal access to justice
  • Support and improve administration of justice
  • Contribute to wider understanding of the law and legal reform
  • Preserve American heritage of rule by law
  • Encourage elevated standards of legal education and performance

Past recipients include:

  • Community Violence Solutions Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign
  • Family Justice Center’s Legal Incubator Project
  • Bay Area Legal Aid’s CCC Homeless Youth Project
  • Contra Costa Senior Legal Services
  • Contra Costa High School Law & Justice Academies
  • CASA of Contra Costa

This year’s Bar Fund Recipient is Social Justice Collaborative. The CCCBA will hold a Bar Fund Benefit on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at the Lafayette Memorial Veteran’s Center. Be a sponsor and support the Bar Fund! See the Bar Fund Benefit Sponsorship Announcement for information.