Adventures with Attorneys

attorney Palvir Shokar on a camel in Egypt.This month we are pleased to introduce this new column for the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine.

CCCBA member Palvir Shoker, of the Shoker Law Group in Walnut Creek shared one of the highlights of her two-week family vacation to Egypt and Turkey over Thanksgiving break with her husband, 8-year old daughter and 11 year old son.

The camel ride was her daughter’s idea, but after Palvir climbed aboard the seated camel, and it leaned one way and then the other before steadying itself with Palvir in the saddle, Palvir’s daughter loudly exclaimed, “There is NO WAY I am getting on!”

Palvir confided that she would probably have shared her daughter’s response, had she not been first to climb on the camel.

The family plans annual vacations like this with Palvir and her husband promising they will forgo work for the entire time, so don’t ask her about the legal system there.

Palvir offered advice to others who are considering a trip to the Mideast. “Do your research. Check with travel agencies and plan your itenerary. Once you’re there, just go with the flow and take in the experience of the culture and your surroundings,” she said.

If you have an adventure that you would like to share with the CCCBA, send a brief write up and a photo if possible to Carole Lucido, Communications Director, Contra Costa Lawyer magazine, CCCBA, 2300 Clayton Road, Suite 520, Concord, CA 94520, or via email at

We are looking forward to your excellent adventures!