A Rewarding Endeavor

A Rewarding Endeavor

For almost 20 years, local Contra Costa County attorney, David A. Arietta has volunteered his time at the Walnut Creek Senior Center in conjunction with Contra Costa Senior Legal Services.  Each month, he holds a Will Clinic at the Senior Center.  The program’s goal is to provide simple wills to eligible seniors. To be eligible, one must be age 60 or over and be a current resident of Contra Costa County.

The program, which is by appointment, starts at 1:30 pm on the first Monday of the month and ends at approximately 4:00 pm. In addition to Arietta, other  volunteers at the Senior Center graciously assist with intake calls and scheduling appointments.  On average the Will Clinic schedules approximately five appointments per month with an ever-persistent waiting list.  Arietta  has prepared hundreds of wills, finding much gratification in helping his senior friends.

Although the program only provides free simple wills, Arietta finds that he discusses a wide range of estate planning, trust and probate issues during his volunteer time to clarify confusion and provide guidance.  As we are all aware, many seniors are facing end-of-life decisions, having a trustworthy friend such as David to assist with their wishes is invaluable.

The feedback over the years has been very positive, though the feeling is mutual.  Seniors are very thankful for having someone just take the time and help them out.  Volunteering just a few hours each month has been extremely rewarding for David Arietta.

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