A Look Back

Welcome to the first interactive issue of the Contra Costa County Lawyer!  This edition will take our more seasoned attorneys down memory lane while sharing the history of our

legal community with our newer attorneys.  To prepare this issue, we researched previous editions of the Contra Costa Lawyer beginning around the 1970s, when the magazine was a newsletter, and found a treasure trove of fun pictures, articles, and advertisements. We even researched the CCCBA Bar Directory photos and are ready to test your ability to recognize colleagues.   Click here to take the test.

Speaking about testing your knowledge, you can also take our interactive quiz about the namesakes of our courts.  How much do you really know about the judges after which the court were named?  Click here to test that knowledge.

If you want more information about Contra Costa County’s court system, Donald Bastin provides an informative and thorough history of our courts in his article, The Law in these Parts.

You can also browse through the court filing fees throughout the years and then peruse advertisements for office space, copiers, computers, and West California Digest. What do you think an Osborne 1 Computer cost in October 1987?  Click here to see.

We are excited about the first interactive issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer and hope you enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Enjoy the rest of your summer!