The Alternative Dispute Resolution Section (ADR)

Litigators resolve cases – either by trial or settlement.   Lots of continuing legal education materials prepare lawyers to try cases, but as a practical matter most cases settle.  The ADR Section works hard to improve the quality of ADR processes and the effective use of ADR by organizing programs from top notch presenters who help attendees develop their negotiation, settlement and ADR skills.

Section members include both lawyers and non-lawyers. Many section members serve as mediators, arbitrators and neutral case evaluators, but membership is open to all persons who are interested in developing their negotiation, settlement and ADR skills.

Palvir Shoker


Palvir Shoker
Shoker Law Group
2950 Buskirk Ave., Suite 300
Walnut Creek, CA. 94597
(925) 407-4744
[email protected]


Nathan Scheg
Ironhorse Law Group
(925) 979-8045
[email protected]


Tom Crosby
Crosby ADR
(510) 418-0040
[email protected]


Benisa Berry
Center for Human Development
(925) 349-7337
[email protected]


Bob Jacobs
Robert B. Jacobs
(925) 847-8680
[email protected]

Lauren Tate
Tate & Association
(510) 525-5100
[email protected]

Philip Andersen
Philip M. Andersen & Associates
(925) 225-6846
[email protected]

Steven Moses
Law Offices of Stephen L. Moses
(415) 623-9101
[email protected]

Kathryn Richter
Richter ADR LLC
(925) 376-1500
[email protected]

Marcy Sharafian
Christy & Keith Family Law Group
(510) 788-4898
[email protected]

Robert Hamilton
Goodman Neuman Hamilton LLP
(415) 705-0407
[email protected]

Emily De Falla
Law & Mediation Offices of Emily De Falla
(510) 213-1003
[email protected]