Screenplay: Family Beach Day

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DAD (35) sits at the kitchen island in a nicely decorated contemporary home wearing a white linen shirt, designer jeans, and loafers. He fiercely works on a laptop as if typing is a national sport.

Across is MOM (33), a fitness obsessed athleisure-wear junkie, wears a neutral-colored yoga outfit. She scrolls through Amazon looking for that je ne sais quoi item that will make her life so much easier.
Mom and Dad tune out everything.

BILLY (7) wears a grey shirt and jeans. He watches YouTube videos TOO LOUDLY on the huge flatscreen in the family room. He loves videos about kids having fantastical adventures.

SUSIE (5) wears a white cape and a gold plastic tiara and sits as close to Billy as possible. She intermittently SCREAMS wildly when she wins or loses a game on her tablet.

An Ad comes on YouTube. A BIKINI-CLAD WOMAN (25), a SURFER DUDE (25), a BOY (5), and a GIRL (7) are at the beach.

BIKINI-CLAD WOMAN: Don’t you love the beach? I do! I invite you to the wonderful all-inclusive luxury resort getaway at The Grand Turtle Cove in the Bahamas. It features white sand beaches, ten swimming pools, and fun for all.

Billy’s eyes light up. He runs to his parents.

BILLY: Mom, Dad! We never do anything fun. I want to go to the beach!
Susie suddenly jumps up and down on the couch.

SUSIE: Yeah! The beach…I love the beach!


Mom and Dad look at each other in bewilderment.

DAD: Ok, I guess we can go to the beach today. I have to head down that way anyways, remember honey?

MOM: That’s right, good thinking. (to the kids) Kids, gather up your beach gear. Hurry before Daddy changes his mind.


The family don their finest beachwear. Dad plops the beach stuff on the sand – beach bags, a cooler, a folding beach chair, and a portable gas grill.

Dad screws the gold beach umbrella into the sand. Sweat droplets trickle down his brow.
Mom takes sand toys out of her beach bag.

DAD: I’m going to drop off the car. Be right back.

MOM: Ok, honey. You can light the grill when you get back, ‘cuz I’m famished!

Mom unrolls her hot pink beach towel. She slathers up the kids with thick sunscreen. She lays down and opens a book.
Billy and Susie make sand castles.

DAD: I’m back! Hon, pass me a beer will ya?

Mom hands Dad a sweating beer from the cooler. Dad starts lighting up the grill. He grabs hot dogs from the cooler.

MOM: Kids, you want some snacks?

BILLY: I do!

Mom holds out juice boxes and a bag of chips. The kids grab a handful, start MUNCHING.

A white fluffy dog licks Billy’s leg. DOG WALKING WOMAN (47) tugs her dog back. She gives the family a perplexed look.

DAD: Hey, what are you looking at? Just keep on walking, nothing to see here. I swear, people are so rude these days.

Mom peers up from her book.

MOM: You know, we should go to the beach more often. It’s not that far and we’ve been working so hard lately.
Dad flips the hot dogs, sips his beer.

DAD: You’re absolutely right, honey. We both deserve some down time. Plus look how much fun the kids are having.

Billy buries Susie’s body, only her head pokes out.
Dad looks at his family beaming and enjoying the moment. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

BURLY MAN (48) wearing a neon yellow work vest, jeans, and sunglasses approaches the family.

BURLY MAN: Excuse me, but you guys are gonna have to move.

DAD: Listen buddy, we got here first. Sorry, but I’m not moving my family from this spot. We’re already set up with the umbrella and the grill. My kids like this spot.

BURLY MAN: I see that Mister. Thing is, I gotta dump this delivery of sand according to the city’s schedule.

DAD: Oh I see, ok. Sorry kids, but this guy has to deliver the sand. We can come back another day.

The kids start CRYING.

BILLY: Aw Dad, do we really have to go? I’m having so much fun!

SUSIE: Yeah Dad, I want to stay. This is the best day ever!

MOM: You heard Daddy and the man, it’s time to go.

Mom turns off the BEACH SOUNDS app on her phone.

Pull back to see the family is on a small patch of sand surrounded by a tire store, a pet store, coffee shop, and a gas station.

A sign on the edge of the sandy area reads: SANDBAG FILLING STATION LIMIT 10 BAGS PER HOUSEHOLD

White plastic bags and a shovel are in the corner. The family gathers their belongings.

Dad gets a PHONE CALL.

DAD (ON PHONE): Hello?

CALLER (V.O.): Hi, I’m calling to let you know that we’re done installing the four new tires on your BMW X5. Your car is ready for pick up anytime.

Thanks for choosing Cheap-O-Tires!

DAD (ON PHONE): Ok, thanks. I’ll be right over.
Dad tosses the hot dogs in the sand.

DAD (CONT’D) (to family): I guess it was good timing anyway. Come on, let’s go…What a fun day at the beach, huh guys?


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