Robin Pearson and the Diversity Committee

Did you know that on January 26, 2018, the CCCBA honored Robin Pearson for her years of service as a founding member and Chair of the CCCBA Diversity Committee? It’s true! At this year’s Installation Lunch, which also included the first-ever CCCBA Diversity Awards, James Wu took time to honor Robin for all of her work and present her with an award from the bar association.

For those who may not know Robin, she has been an active member of the CCCBA for many years, and was CCCBA President in 2008. She was the CCCBA’s 5th woman to serve as president and the first person of color to do so. Fourteen years ago, Robin founded the CCCBA Diversity Committee, along with Dick Frankel, Larry Cook and Lisa Roberts and then served as chair of the committee for all of those 14 years! This year, Robin is stepping down as chair.

You might think that serving as CCCBA President, founding a committee and leading it for 14 years would be enough but Robin’s commitment to service extends far beyond the bar association. She has served on the Board of Family Support Services of the Bay Area; she serves on the CASA Contra Costa Board of Directors, she is on the Board of the National Kidney Foundation, and she is a Past President of Black Women Lawyers of Northern California. Last year she was chair of the State Bar Council on Access & Fairness (a Council on which she has served for many years).

The CCCBA would like to thank Robin Pearson for her many years of service to the Bar Association, for her commitment to Diversity, and for her commitment to her larger community.