Pro Bono Honor Roll Announced for 2021

Thank you to our Pro Bono Honor Roll recipients for giving of your valuable time and expertise to benefit our community. Your efforts support our community in myriad ways.

As attorneys, we have the knowledge, training and skill set to improve the lives of others and make a difference. The Pro Bono Committee would like all members to consider the goal of contributing their many talents by touching the life of at least one person in need.

We know there are many more CCCBA members who help out in their communities in many ways. Start tracking your hours for next year’s Pro Bono Honor Roll!

50-99 hours100-300 hours300-500 hours500+ hours
Geoffrey SteeleJonathan BabioneOliver GreenwoodBeth Mora
Marjorie WallaceAndrea CriderCorrine Bielejeski
David MarchianoAndrea RussiGary Sanders
Jaime HerrenJulie Ann GiammonaVictoria Robinson Smith
Renee LivingstonDavid RatnerMika Domingo
Marc BouretKathleen Hunt
Natasha CheeRyan Szczepanik
Lorraine WalshAndrea Kelly Smethurst
Matthew Toth
Andy Verriere
Terry Leoni
David Pearson